Report a Concern

Report a Non-Academic Violation

Non-academic violations are behaviors that include, but are not limited to, alcohol, disorderly conduct, drugs, hazing, harassment, physical violence, or other violations of college policies, regulations, or rules. To report non-academic misconduct, please use our .

Report an Academic Integrity Violation

Academic violations are behaviors that include, but are not limited to, cheating, plagiarism or falsifying official records related to the College. General classroom misbehavior is considered a non-academic violation. To report academic misconduct, please use the .

Report Title IX Violations in the Areas of Sexual Misconduct and Sex-Based Discrimination

Sexual misconduct of various forms, including, but not limited to: sexual harassment; sexual violence; gender-based harassment; intimate partner violence; stalking; intimidation; and retaliation. This includes sex- based discrimination in college programs and activities. The Title IX office works to address these concerns. To report any of these violations, please use the .

Report Concerning, Worrisome, or Harmful Behaviors

Faculty, staff, students, and guests are encouraged to use the to report behavior that they perceive as concerning, worrisome, or harmful.

Not sure if a behavior is a violation or how to categorize it? Contact the Dean of Student Services at 910.695.3714.